PDC Swim and Fitness Spas

Rin Robyn Pools proudly offers the best available swim and fitness spas in the Northern New Jersey area.  Our PDC Spas swim or year round pools are Made in the USA just across the border in Pennsylvania. Stop in today to see our year round display models - make an appointment to do your own Swim Test!

The PDC Spas collection of swim and fitness spas provide a better quality of life and well being right in your own backyard.  These spas are the peak of style and performance with our TruSwim® dual propulsion hydraulic, superior jetted swim or fitness currents.  Just steps away, you can accomplish your own exercise and health goals with the extra resistance of the proprietary TruSwim® system.  With a wide selection of lengths, styles and features, your spa is tailored to fit your health and fitness goals.  Whether you walk, run, swim, or perform your aquatic exercise routine, now you can do all of this on your own time while enjoying your relaxed and fit lifestyle.

Visit us today at our Hackettstown or Chester locations to let us help you find the perfect PDC Spas swim or fitness spa for you!

Guided Virtual Showroom Tour with a Hot Tub Specialist

You can shop for a hot tub or swim spa (also known as a year round pool) without leaving your home or work. Rin Robyn Pools® uses Video Conferencing technology.  Our knowledgeable hot tub and swim spa specialist can show you our entire product line from your couch. We would love to see you in person, but you can purchase and schedule delivery without coming into our stores. Sign up for a Guided Virtual Showroom Tour today!

Request a phone call to schedule your Guided Virtual Showroom Tour!

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