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Why Are We a SpaGuard Dealer?

  • The RIGHT Advice

    SpaGuard provides continuing education and training on the latest tools and methods in the industry, ensuring we can provide expertise to our community.

  • The RIGHT Products

    SpaGuard offers professional, quality products that are the best solution for your spa or hot tub care needs. SpaGuard is exclusive: it can only be found through authorized dealers.

  • The RIGHT Advice

    SpaGuard pioneered the idea of computerized spa water analysis with their exclusive ALEX® software. Bring in a water sample today and you'll receive an in-depth, personalized analysis with recommendations for the right time-saving solutions.

SpaGuard Products

Digital Water Testing with ALEX

BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis. Bring in a water sample from your pool today and we’ll give you a complete, personalized analysis for start-up, closing and maintenance.

For optimal water quality and the best pool care assistance in the area, have your water tested at one of our stores at least once every two weeks.

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Come into one of our stores with a water sample and get your comprehensive water analysis today!

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