SoftSwim® B


Controls bacteria growth in biguanide sanitized pools.

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What it does

Controls bacteria growth in biguanide sanitized pools.


  • Convenient and simple application
  • Water is gentle feeling to skin and eyes
  • No chlorine odor or dry feeling after swimming
  • Excellent aid to filtration

Directions for Use

Initial Treatment

  1. Backwash or chemically clean pool filter. Check pool pH; adjust to 7.2-7.6 if necessary.
  2. Add SoftSwim® B to give a content of 50 ppm (1/2 gallon product/10,000 gallons of pool water).
  3. After 24 hours, check pH and SoftSwim® B concentration with test strips and adjust if necessary.

Routine Maintenance

  1. Every week, check SoftSwim® B concentration and pH.
  2. Maintain SoftSwim®B concentration at about 50 ppm. If concentration falls 10 ppm or more, add a top-up dose. The level should not be allowed to drop below 30 ppm.
    • A maintenance dose of 1 pint per 10,000 gallons will raise the level approximately 10 ppm.

NOTE: SOFTSWIM® B AND CHLORINE ARE INCOMPATIBLE. Consult your Authorized BioGuard® Dealer for information on how to deal with accidental chlorination.

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