Why Shocking Your Spa Is Important

When people use spas, they leave undesirable compounds like body oils, perspiration and cosmetics that can irritate skin, burn eyes and create odors.

Oxidizing, also known as shocking the water, removes these compounds and restores water clarity and comfort. Shocking should be part of your regular spa maintenance. While it does help with troubleshooting, routine treatment helps provide the correct chemical balance your spa water needs to keep the water clear, odor-free and comfortable.

Shocking should be done weekly in most spas and more frequently for heavily used or commercial spas. We sell two options for shocking your chlorine spa: Enhanced Shock and Spa Shock-Oxidizer.

SpaGuard® Enhanced Shock
SpaGuard® Enhanced Shock

This easy to use multi-purpose shock is specifically formulated to destroy eye irritations and reduce unpleasant odors. It is designed to correct most cloudy conditions and restore spa water sparkle. It is compatible with ozone systems.

This product enhances water comfort and stabilizes Ph. Special ingredients aid the filter in removing small suspended particles to further enhance water clarity.

SpaGuard® Spa Shock-Oxidizer
SpaGuard® Spa Shock-Oxidizer

For those who do not wish to shock their spa with a chlorine product there is Spa Shock-Oxidizer. This non-chlorine oxidizer does not raise chlorine levels. It’s easy to use and quick to dissolve. After treatment the spa can be used in as little as 15 minutes. This product is compatible with both chlorinated and brominated spas.

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